Moriah Stillwater

Professional Bodyworker in Tucson, AZ

Having a body is a privilege, learning to decipher its communication is a practice. Life requires a continual participation and reconnection in how we are inhabiting our body.

Our body has three basic physiological states; relaxed, fight-flight, and freeze. It is our lower-sensory or survival brain that actually decides which state we are in. We can take the upper-logical and middle-emotional brains into talk therapy, but in order to create a shift in the body, direct access through the lower-sensory brain or sensory body is often needed.

Having worked with trauma for many years, I find working it through the body, rather than the story, goes direct and can bring deep and lasting change.

Triune Brain Theory

Moriah Stillwater

Lower: Brainstem

Survival is unconscious
Moriah Stillwater

Middle: Limbic System

is conscious
Moriah Stillwater

Upper: Neocortex

is conscious

What is Somatic Experiencing

A neurobiological approach to healing trauma. SE facilitates the completion of self-protective motor responses and the release of thwarted survival energy bound in the body.

The result is restored resilience, self-regulation, wholeness, relaxation, and a feeling of safe aliveness.

What is MELT

The philosophy of MELT is simple: pain-free living for a lifetime using soft rollers and balls. MELT blends mindful meditation and breathwork techniques to help boost the body's natural healing mechanisms with self-myofascial restorative techniques that simulate hands-on therapeutic practices to deliver the following benefits:

Calm the mind

Ease pain symptoms

Improve heart rate variability

Target fascia's supportive qualities

Restore joint stability

Improve sensorimotor control

How it Works

Working with the MELT Method directly accesses the neuro-fascial system. MELT is the first thing I have found that addresses both the nervous system and the fascia and does so in a way that is easily accessible to nearly everyone. We are all on a journey of healing and integrating, whether we are conscious of it and actively participating at that level or not.

In a Nutshell

In our world such as it is, we all have some trauma healing to do. I had a physical injury a few years ago that diminished my capacity to enjoy a walk and comfortably gather groceries. This deeply affected my sense of independence and relationship with my surroundings, both of which I dearly value.

Diminished capacities often create a type of resignation when we cannot find a resolution. I understand this from personal experience, and my practice is aimed at increasing capacity in any way possible. I do this through blending SE and MELT, which has come from decades of trying to identify and unwind the fascial patterns that keep us stuck.

Moriah Stillwater

If you are seeking to expand your capacities and participate in growing your sensory feedback loops, then my work may be of interest to you.

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