Moriah Stillwater - Licensed Massage Therapist, Tucson, Arizona. LMT Moriah Stillwater - Trauma, soft tissue, therapy, chronic pain, fatigue, neuromuscular, fibromyalgia, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, bodywork, pain, treatment, management, craniosacral, healing strategies, somatic, experiencing, licensed massage therapist.

EDUCATION Educating Hands School of Massage.
Miami, Florida. 650 Hours. September 1984 - April 1985.
Florida State Boards.
May 1985.
Massage Establishment License.
City of Tucson. Tucson, Arizona. December 1992 - current.
Massage Therapy License.
State of Arizona. July 2004 - current.
Somatic Experiencing Certification.
Massage Therapy License.
State of Florida. 1985 - 2005.
National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.
November 1993 - 2013.
EMPLOYMENT Private Practice.
Specializing in Neuromuscular and Craniosacral Therapies and Trauma Resolution.
Tucson, Arizona. December 1992 - present.
Towards a Healthy Neck. Tucson Touch Therapies. 2006 - present.
Private Practice.
New Orleans, Louisiana. December 1985 - October 1992.

Holographic Kinetics
Founded by Steve Richards. Modules 1-4. October 18-24 2015.
Anat Baniel Method.
Neuromovement For Whole Body Fitness + Vitality. November 15 2015.
Organic Intelligence.
Master Class. January - July 2015.
1) Shifting Paradigms
2) Image to Archetype
3) Phase 2
4) Multiple Trauma Vortex
5) Holographic Blue
6) Love & Lineage
7) Fractal Mind and The Free Association Conversation
Somatic Experiencing, Assistant.
1) Beginning Level. I, II, III. Tucson, AZ. 2009, 2014.
2) Intermediate Level. I, II, III. Tucson, AZ. 2010, 2015.
3) Advanced. I, II. Garrison, NY. 2011. Tucson, AZ. 2016.
MyoSkeletal Alignment Techniques.
Advanced neck, shoulder and sciatic. Erik Dalton, instructor. 2008.
Somatic Experiencing  3-Year Training and Certification.
1) Beginning Level. I, II, III. Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2005.
2) Intermediate Level. I, II, III. Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2006.
3) Advanced Level. I, II. Salvadore, Bahia. Brazil. 2007.
      a. Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Certification.
        i. 216 credit hours
        ii. 12 hours of personal sessions
        iii. 18 hours of case consultation
Trauma First Aid.
Geneie Everett, PHD., RN. and Laurie Leitch, instructors. 2006.
Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion.
Paul Schnell, instructor. 2004.
Movement of the Trunk.
Sue Koenig, instructor. 2004.
St. John Neuromuscular Therapy.
1989 - present.
NMT. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8a, 8b.
1) Cervical and Postural.
2) Back and Pelvis.
3) Shoulders, Upper Torso and Extremities.
4) TMS Dysfunction. Hands and Feet.
5) Scoliosis.
7) Visceral Manipulation.
8a, 8b) Atlas Axis Stabilization.
Movement Therapy. Hanna Somatics: Walking.
Lawrence Gold, instructor. 2003.
Biosomatics. Introduction Seminar: Level 3.
Carol Welsh, instructor. 2003.
New Decision Therapy Practitioner Program.
Kandis Blakely, instructor. 2002.
Ben Benjamin's Work. Neck and Thorax Seminar.
Assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries. Christopher Sovereign, instructor. 2001.
Upledger Institute.
1989 - 2001.
Craniosacral Therapy. I, II, I.
Somato Emotional Release. I, II.
Visceral Manipulation. IA, IB, II.
Practical Integration of Visceral Manipulation.
Advanced VM.
Trauma Release Therapy I.
Core Zero Balancing.
2000 - 2001.
Biosomatics. Pure Movement II.
Carol Welsh, instructor. 1999.
Myofascial Mobilization.
John F. Barns, instructor. 1994.
Neuromuscular Therapy.
Judith Walker Delaney, instructor. 1990. NMT. I. Cervical and Postural.
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training.
Practitioner Training Program. Ortho Bionomy.
500 Hours. 1986 - 1989.
Neuromuscular Therapy. Strain Counter Strain.
Leon Chaitow, instructor. 1987.
Neuromuscular Therapy.
Jeanne Alaud, instructor. 1987.
Lower back.
On-going Coursework.
Required by the State of Arizona to maintain current license. All requirements met. Ethics, HIV and the Law. 1985 - present.
ORGANIZATIONS American Massage Therapists Association.
1986 - present.
MENTORING Mentoring therapists new to the field. Arizona and Louisiana.

Moriah Stillwater, LMT.
1228 E. Prince Rd. Ste. B
Tucson, Arizona 85719

520 408 5408

Moriah Stillwater Bodywork Specializing in Trauma Resolution